Five Reasons Your Computer Will Disallow Your Broadband from Working Faster

That your broadband internet connection does not perform well might not be a fault of your internet service provider. Many people enjoy the performance of their broadband internet when they install it newly on their computer but when it begins to get old on the computer, their broadband internet connection will not run faster as it used to again. If you happen to fall into the category of people I just mentioned above, then you are here for a solution to your broadband Internet connection.
In this post, I shall be giving some reasons why your computer will be causing your broadband internet connection to become slow in performance and if any of them applies to you, you can reverse it by following the solution I will be giving along with each reason.

Too many files and applications

Having as much files and programs as one wants on one’s computer shouldn’t be any other person’s burden and nobody should regulate the way you install and download files on your computer. But let me inform you that installing just any program you come across on the internet can cause your computer a whole lot of damage. When you have too many files and programs on your computer, most especially when those files are not needed on your computer, your computer will be slow in performance. The solution to this is to remove all unnecessary files and programs from your computer, and you should only do this if you want your broadband internet to perform well.

Computer infected with viruses

When your computer is infected with a virus or malware, you can’t expect it to perform as it used to do. Viruses can create unwanted files on your computer’s hard disk which will make your computer to become slow in performance.
If you have an antivirus program installed on your computer, run a system virus scan and remove the viruses that are on your computer. If you don’t have an antivirus program on your computer, install one today and scan your computer. Always make sure your antivirus program is up to date.


Due to daily usage that does give the need for you to delete and replace files on your computer’s hard disk, there is what is called disk fragmentation which will occur as you use your computer. This is when your computer breaks the files into segments and stores them in different positions. This process makes it harder for your computer to read a file, so it then takes long for your computer to load a file. This will make your broadband internet connection slow as well.
To correct this, run disk defragmenter on the hard disk you want to defragment. Restart your computer and you will notice the changes in your computer and broadband internet connection.

Low grade computer

Another major factor that can cause your broadband internet and computer to work slowly is low computer configuration. If your hard disk is very low, you have to increase it for you to enjoy better broadband internet performance. Your RAM should also be pretty high. Install new RAM(s) on your computer to improve its performance speed. When you do this, you will see a great difference in your broadband internet performance.

Regular Updates

Updating the components of the computer regularly is one thing many people always fail to do. It is very important that you update the programs and drivers on your computer for you to get better performance from them. You might need to update your broadband firmware if necessary.
If you follow these tips and you don’t see any changes in your broadband internet’s performance, then the best option for you is to call your internet service provider.
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  1. Yes its true. I agree with you definitely, be sure that make an schedule to cleanup your PC, for fast internet.