Five Cool Browsing Tips

Here are five cool tricks of Internet Explorer that will hopefully enhance your browsing experience.
1-Quickly access domain of an e-mail address
This is a cool tweak by which you can quickly and easily access the domain of an email address. For example, if you want to access the domain of, simply copy and paste this address to the address bar of your browser and your browser will automatically forward you to
2-View Internet shortcuts from channel band
No need to open Internet Explorer to access your favorites. You can access your favorites right on your desktop by issuing the following command:
Go to Start ‘ Run ‘ iexplore -channelband
This will open a window of Internet Explorer Favorites on your desktop.
3-Determine when a webpage was last updated
You can easily learn when the webpage you are viewing was last updated. Copy and paste the following line in the address bar of your browser where the webpage is open:
4-Increase decrease font size of a webpage with the mouse wheel
To increase or decrease the font size of a webpage on the fly, just hold down ctrl key of your keyboard and scroll up or down with your mouse wheel to increase or decrease the font size of the webpage.
5-Quickly move forward and backwards between pages
Pressing ALT + the forward or back key will take the user forward or back one page.





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