Find Out When Friends Unfriend You On Facebook

It’s always good to know who unfriended you on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t tell us who unfriended you and when. There are third party services which do the job of monitoring Facebook friends and may notify you when anyone unfriends you on Facebook or even Twitter.

Unfriend Finder

The first tool that I’m going to talk about is a Grease Monkey Firefox Add-on Unfriend Finder. Here’s a quick summary about Unfriend Finder script authors:

Unfriend Finder is a realtime script that allows you to know wich one of your friends removed you on facebook.
A locale database keeps record of your friendlist, and is compared at each refresh.

Unfriends are people who were previously your friend but have either deactivated their account or have removed you from their friendlist.
Unfriend Finder will tell you which friends have removed you, who has deactivated their accounts, people you have requested friendship with and who has declined your friend request.
Unfriend Finder makes identifying unfriends easy by displaying a red counter in the menubar with the amount of unfriends you have. It also uses Facebook notification to alert you on these events.

You first need to download and install Grease Monkey add-on and then install Unfriend Finder script to make it working.

Twenty Feet – Facebook Stats

The second tool is a web service called Twenty Feet which can give lots of stats about lots of services including Facebook and tracking the people who unfriended you on Facebook.
Twenty Feet - Find Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook
Twenty Feet also gives graphical stats about friends added and friends lost, stream posts and statuses and user comments and likes over a period of time.
Twenty Feet can also track other services like Twitter, Google Analytics,, MySpace, Youtube etc. While tracking one profile of Facebook and Twitter, additional services and profiles costs a little money.
Here’s a very good video about Twenty Feet: