Fetch.io: Ultra Fast Torrent Downloads And Streaming

If you are a frequent torrent user and download torrents all the time then you would very well know that downloading torrents depends upon many factors including the speed of your internet connection, the speed of seeds and pears from where the torrent is being downloaded and the no. of seeds and peers allocated to you.

Fetch.io - ultra fast torrent downloads

The major factor in torrent downloads is the speed of the internet connection we have. If you want to download torrents at ultra fast speed, fetch.io is probably for you. Fetch.io is a new service which can download your torrents on their servers at an ultra fast speed and then you can download the torrents through HTTP instead of torrents. This is very convenient for people who don’t want their computers to be switched on all the time.

Using Fetch.io is very easy to use. You only need to copy and paste the URL of the torrent you want to download into the fetch.io box and then wait for fetch.io servers to download the torrent for you on their ultra fast servers and then choose how you want to access your file, either download via HTTP or stream it if it is a video. Fetch.io can automatically convert any video into Flash or MP4 formats. So streaming videos is pretty easy on your computer or on a smartphone device. The speed of fetching files through Fetch.io is typically 10MB/sec to 20MB/sec depending upon the maximum speed of the torrent.

As I specified earlier, Fetch.io is a new service and is still in beta. Users can signup with Fetch.io for free right now and each user gets 20GB of storage and 40GB of bandwidth per month which seems to be enough for average usage. You can signup with Fetch.io beta service and try out for yourself and see how fast you can download your torrents.