Enhanced Copy File Path In Windows

I have already written about how to copy the path of a file in Windows. This function in Windows saves a lot of time as people like me have to do a lot of file operations and a lot of times we have to see the file path.
But the problem arises that when we select Copy As Path by Shift – Right clicking a file, it automatically copies the file path to the clipboard. We don’t get any method to edit it according to our needs. Suppose that we only need the folder path to the file or we only need the file name etc.
Advanced Copy As Path comes to rescue in this situation. Advanced copy As Path is a Windows shell extension that lets us do all the advanced operations on the file path copied.

It operates the same way as the built in Copy As Path in Windows but gives a separate sub-menu with all the options we need for the path of the file. You can also display the original paths in the sub-menu instead of the options shown in the figure above.
This is helpful for most of us. This shell extension can be downloaded and installed from the following location:
[download id=”189″]






2 responses to “Enhanced Copy File Path In Windows”

  1. Mike

    The link to download this app goes to a completely different web-page. Please update or delete this page, as it is obsolete.

  2. Klaus

    Does anyone have an idea where to find this tool? The link does not work anymore. this would be really really useful since CopyPath is not available for Win7.
    Thanks, Klaus