Dudmail: Create Free Disposable Email Address With Email Forwarding

One of the authors of Technize.com has already given a list of 25 disposable email services which can provide you with a free temporary email address so that your primary email address remains safe and secret from spammers.
Dudmail is another free disposable email service with an addition feature that it can also forward the email to your if any email is received to your temporary email inbox. Using Dudmail is even easier than any of the other disposable email services. You don’t even need to register for an account to use Dudmail.
So how does Dudmail work? It’s very simple. You only need to fill out the following URL:
where username is whatever you can think of, it’s all up to you. If I had to create a temporary email address like technize@dudmail.com, I could easily go to the following url without even registering or even opening my inbox. The following URL will directly open my inbox.
But to use the forwarding feature, you’ll need to register for a permanent account at Dudmail. Another problem with this service is that all the inboxes created are created as public meaning that if I have created an email address like the above one, anyone will be able to open the inbox but this is pretty fine because we usually don’t want to get sensitive or secret emails to any temporary inbox.





2 responses to “Dudmail: Create Free Disposable Email Address With Email Forwarding”

  1. dgs

    The Dudmail.com website developer here. Thanks for the review =)
    One small correction – if you create an account (eg technize), any emails going to that account *will* be private and only viewable by you – eg anyaddress@technize.dudmail.com
    Only public emails (emails with no account behind them) are public.

  2. Sanix

    Thanks a lot for the clarification dude :-). I think I only tested it without logging in that’s why I couldn’t figure out that it was private when logged in.