Dual Monitor Tools For Multiple Monitors

If you’re using multiple monitors then you would need to do different tasks like moving windows from one screen to another, wallpapers selection across the different screens, disabling a particular monitor when running a specific application like a game running in full screen mode, locking the cursor to one screen only for the ease of use etc.
Dual Monitor Tools
All these tasks are tedious and difficult if you’re only using built-in Windows tools. Dual Monitor Tools is a free and open source collection of tools that can help you do all the above work without any problems. There are five tools in total which perform different tasks. Dual Monitor Tools need not be installed. All the tools have a separate executable file which runs on its own making it a portable app . Let’s take a look at the five tools available in Dual Monitor Tools:
DisMon can be used to disable a specific monitor when you don’t need it like I gave the example of running games that are not compatible with multiple monitors setup.
Dual Launcher is a great tool which can be used to configure each application to open on a specific position on a specific monitor. This is particularly useful for the people who run many applications on different monitors at the same time. You close the app and then open it again, it will open on its defined position.
DualSnap can be used to take a snapshot of your primary screen and then display it on another.
Dual Wallpaper, as its name implies, gives the option to whether stretch a single image onto multiple screens or use a different wallpaper for each screen.
Swap Screen can be used to move different applications and windows to different monitors by using keyboard shortcuts or by using the icon in the system tray.
Overall, it is a fine collection of tools and a must have for people using multiple monitors for their work.
Download Dual Monitor Tools [211KB]



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