Download Yahoo Messenger 9 Full Installer

yahoo messenger downloader Nowadays many software vendors are giving the download as partial download. This means that first you have to download an initial version of the product which will then download the full product and automatically install it. I don’t like this approach as if something happens to the operating system or if the product becomes corrupted and we want to reinstall it, we have to download the product again going through the same initial download and then full download pattern.
As an example, if we are download Windows Live Essentials, we are left with no choice but to download the initial downloader and then the downloader will download all the stuff and install it automatically making it impossible to save the real softwares for troublesome times.
Yahoo Messenger also uses the same approach. First we have to download the downloader and then the downloader will download and install the messenger and in the end we are left with nothing to backup.
yahoo installation progress
I have already given the direct download of Windows Live Messenger 2009. So here’s the Yahoo version. Just download Yahoo messenger from the following link and it will let you download the “real” version of Yahoo messenger instead of the downloader. Please let me know if you’re having any difficulty.
yahoo installation completed
[download id=”86″]

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  1. just fk000 off. I am looking for yahoo messenger 9 which should be in your site but it is not. just a dirty trick to get people to your site. fk000 you all.

  2. hi, how are u people. i want to convey this message to all that i like yahoo!messanger 9 the most, did u? okk, its ur choice, its upon u.

  3. I tried to reinsall the yahoo massenger 9, but it did nt work ?
    I like massenger 9 as i found more practical than the latest one !

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