Download Latest RDC 7.0 (Remote Desktop Connection) For Windows XP, Vista

RDC 6.0 was quite a bit of enhancement to the previous versions of Remote Desktop Connection especially in the area of security. Now RDC 7.0 has been released with a lot of improvement in many areas. Let’s discuss the features of the latest RDC client.


System Tray Icon

RDC 7 comes with a system tray icon which can be used to manage multiple RDC sessions. All or selected sessions can be closed from the system tray icon

Multiple Monitor Support

Remote Desktop Services now includes multiple monitors display support for up to 16 monitors.

Bidirectional Audio

Audio can now be redirected to the client computer which is very useful for recording purposes.

Video Playback

Bitmap acceleration improves the remote display of graphics-intensive applications such as PowerPoint, Flash, and Silverlight.


Web Single Sign-On (SSO) and Web forms-based authentication

RDC Web Access uses forms based authentication to improve user experience meaning that user has to give the password only once. No multiple passwords are asked for RDC after logging on.

Remote Desktop Gateway background authorization & authentication

Background authentication and authorization requests are performed after a configured session timeout is reached. Sessions for users whose property information has not changed are not affected, and authentication and authorization requests are sent in the background.

RD Gateway idle & session time-outs

Configurable idle and session time-outs with RD Gateway provide better control of users who connect through RD Gateway. An idle time-out lets the user reclaim resources that are used by inactive user sessions without affecting the user’s session or data. This helps free up resources on the RD Gateway server.

NAP remediation with RD Gateway

NAP remediation allows you to manage remote clients by updating them with the latest software updates and settings. This helps keep remote clients in compliance with network security policies.


The new RDC 7.0 can be downloaded from the following location:
RDC 7.0 For Windows XP
RDC 7.0 For Windows Vista
RDC 7.0 For Windows Vista (x64)





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