Download Google Chrome Portable 14.0.835.202 Stable Release

Google Chrome 14 stable has been released lately. I have been looking for the portable version of the browser and at last have found it. If you are using Google Chrome portable from, then you can update your browser from within the portableapps in order to update your browser without losing any settings and data.
The latest version of Google Chrome portable also includes the support for jPortable Java Runtime Environment. So if you have Java Runtime Environment portable installed, Google Chrome portable 14 will be able to detect and use it during browsing. Some features of Google Chrome include:

  • The startup time of the browser is very low
  • Faster load times
  • Web applications can be run faster on Chrome
  • User interface offers simplicity and ease of use
  • Pinned app tabs feature allows to always keep some webpages open
  • Change your browser’s look and feel through themes


[download id=”360″]