Double Your Intel Graphics Card Performance

GMA 900 (Intel 915 family)Previously I have written about how to improve system performance when playing games. Today I’m going to write about how to double the Intel graphics card performance. Most of the new laptops and motherboards come with a built in Intel graphics card which is very good but it’s performance is not all that good for modern games. Ultimately we have to move towards dedicated graphics cards if we want to play high end games.
GMA Booster is the ultimate Intel graphics card performance enhancement tool. GMA Booster is a must have for every gamer who wants to play advanced 3D games. Basically GMA Booster changes the Intel graphics cards under clocked (166/133MHz) graphics cards to their normal speeds (400MHz). It does it from the software so decreasing the chance of hardware damage. It also does not have an impact on the thermal specifications or battery life in case of a laptop.

GMA Booster supports / will support the variety of mobile chipsets by Intel®
Please click the logo of Your specific Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator to download your suitable version of GMA Booster.
GMA 900 (Intel 915 family) GMA 950 (Intel 945 family) GMA X3100 (Intel 965 family) GMA X4500 (Intel 4 family)

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    • @iacc: You can find your graphics card version using dxdiag.
      Go to Run –> dxdiag –> open the display tab. This will give you an overview of your graphics card.

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