Customize The Mouse Buttons

We concentrate on keyboards so much that we can see keyboard shortcut creation utilities everywhere. I have already written about 5 tools to create keyboard shortcuts for your favorite programs. We also have Technize Run Manager which lets you create shortcut for any file and access it through the command line or Run dialog. But today I want to write about a utility that is used to customize the mouse buttons.
x-mouse button control

X-Mouse Button Control is a small utility that is used to provide application specific mappings of the mouse. Application specific functionality makes this utility more useful as one can use the mouse differently for each application. Here are some of the functions of X-Mouse Button Control.

  • Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Volume Up/Down/Mute
  • Media Player control
  • Send a custom keystroke sequence
  • Launch your email (or any other) application.
  • Capture screen (or active window) image to clipboard.
  • Click-Drag [Sticky Buttons].
  • Save and restore desktop icon positions.
  • Vista (and Windows 7) support including some Vista/7 only featurs such as ‘Flip 3D’.

Download X-Mouse Button here.



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