Convert A DV AVI To DVD

Materials Needed: Computer, DV AVI file, DVD burning software, blank DVD
When you record a video with your DV (Digital Video) camera and then transfer it to your PC computer, the resulting file is usually stored as a DV AVI (Audio Video Interweave). AVI was first developed by Microsoft in the early 1990s and has since become a widespread video format. To convert this DV AVI to a DVD, you need DVD burning software. This software converts (called “transcoding”) the DV AVI to a file on the DVD that can be read and played on standard DVD players.
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DVD Software
Most operating systems now come with DVD authoring software included. You can also use the built in capture software (such as iMovie on Mac, Windows Live on Windows) to export your DV AVI files to DVD. If you don’t have a built in burning program or capture program, there are also free resources available on the Internet (see Resources, below).
Insert Blank DVD
Open the DVD drive on your computer. Insert a blank DVD.
Making the Video DVD
In your DVD burning program, select the “Burn Video DVD”. This tells the program that you want the disk formatted for viewing in standard DVD players. This is as opposed to burning a “Data DVD”. Data DVDs are used to store files for backup and use on other computers.
Import your video footage. This can be done by going to the “File->Import” or “Add” menu. In some programs, you can simply drag and drop the footage.
Editing the DVD
Add any DVD titles or stills that you would like on the DVD. You can trim individual video files, add subtitles, alternate audio tracks and pictures. You can also create intricate menus, submenus and chapter menus.
Preview and Burn Your DVD
Preview your DVD. Many programs allow you to see how the DVD will look on a player before you finalize the disk. Look for a “Preview” function in your DVD editing program. This feature usually also has a remote control function for you to see how the menu navigation will eventually look.
Click “Burn” or “Export DVD” when satisfied.
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