Control Your Open Windows in Multiple Desktops

screen_1 Today’s world is all about organizing yourself. The better you organize yourself, the better you perform. And productivity in the computer world has become a primary key to success. People keep on using software that make them more productive. Everyone has his own set of choices because everyone is accustomed with his own habits.
With the need of more and more applications to be opened at the same time, it is necessary to organize those windows so that they do not clutter the desktop or the task bar. For this, Virtual Desktop manager software are used which can create more than one desktop for you so that you can handle more applications on your desktop while not compromising on the

organization factor.
I recently tested VirtuaWin which is a desktop manager. While there are still some improvements to be done but it was very beneficial to me. Now I can atleast organize my taskbar apps easily . The biggest advantage of VirtuaWin is that I can easily switch to any virtual desktop with a single keyboard shortcut.

The Shortcut:

To switch between different virtual desktops, just press the Windows Logo Key + the arrow keys.
More information from the VirtuaWin website.

File Information and Download

Version: 4.0.1
Size: 385 KB
Compatibility: Win9x/ME/NT/Win2K/XP/Win2003/Vista
Download VirtuaWin from here.



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