Compare Audio Files – Audio Comparer Review

A few days back Max mailed me about a software which could compare the actual audio inside of the files and then give us similar and duplicate audio files. I had never heard of such a software. So I wanted to review it here on Technize. I have already done a giveaway of All My  Movies which acts as a movie catalog for arranging your movie collection.

audio comparison wizard

When I first looked at Audio Comparer, I thought that it would just compare the names of the audio files but it’s totally different. Audio Comparer “listens” to the audio files and compares them by their actual audio content like the human ears do. The file formats supported by Audio Comparer are MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, AIF, WAV, WavPack, FLAC, APE, AAC, and OGG.

Audio Comparer comes in handy if you have iTunes library or if you have a digital music collection. It will find the duplicates and similar audio collections for you. In this way you can easily get rid of duplicates in your collection.

Audio Comparer comes in multiple languates including English, Czech, French, German, Italiano, Macedonian, Russian and Turkish.

I’m using Audio Comparer on my collection and am astonished at its ability to catch the duplicates. Loving it till now. I would recommend it to everyone who has a large collection of audio songs or files.

For a complete tutorial on how to use Audio Comparer, please visit this link and download it from here.

I would request Bolide Software for a giveaway of Audio Comparer to Technize users 🙂





3 responses to “Compare Audio Files – Audio Comparer Review”

  1. dupes

    Another good free alternative to find and remove duplicate files…

    1. Sanix

      The software you specified is not an alternative to audio comparer as it only compares files by their tags and names while audio comparer compares the actual audio inside the files.

  2. Lupe Beser

    My iTunes library gives me brain ache . I need my iPod – but I wish I didnt have to use Itunes. Any ideas?