Change The Background Of Windows Explorer

Create a text file named desktop.ini. in the folder where you need to change the background. You may find a hidden file in that folder too with the name desktop.ini. If present open that file and add the following code at the end
IconArea_Image=complete path to the image file

for example:
IconArea_Image=Bday photos\abc.bmp

Save the file.
You can keep the background picture in that folder or any other location you want. All you have to do is to provide the correct path.
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2 responses to “Change The Background Of Windows Explorer”

  1. B.Rajan

    Working good, But how to make the immage fit to the screen.

  2. murtaza

    this not working i m using xp sp\2 it’s not showing boot.ini folder or when i am making the file not changing back ground . plz mail on my yahoo account also about changing text