Cannot Start Computer After Windows Updates Got Stuck

Automatic Windows Updates is a very good functionality in Windows but the biggest problem with it is that after installing Windows updates, we have to restart Windows most of the time. Another problem arises when Windows is installing updates while shutting down the system and it hangs in the middle. Sometimes it doesn’t do any wrong but sometimes it corrupts Windows installation and Windows refuses to start again.

I have followed the steps below to successfully troubleshoot this problem:

  • To fix this problem we need to have the recovery discs of Windows. If it is Windows 7 then you can download the recovery discs of Windows 7.
  • Boot with the recovery disc and select the repair options –> command prompt
  • Issue the following commands:
  • C:\>del C:\Windows\WinSXS\pending.xml
  • C:\>del C:\Windows\WinSXS\pendingf.xls

Now restart the system in normal mode. Now the system should work fine. If you get into any problem during this process, feel free to ask me in comments or in forums.



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