Cannot Drag/Drop Icons Or Files On Desktop Or In Windows Explorer

While I was working on a new network of a new company, after installing and configuring all the Server and Client Windows Operating systems, I noticed that there was one system with Windows XP on which I couldn’t drag/drop icons or files on the desktop. It was just like hung. I googled for a solution and thankfully found a solution and everything went alright in one go. Here’s the solution I got:

  1. Create backup of your registry first. [Six Ways To Backup Registry]
  2. Download “dragdropfix.reg” from below.
  3. Double click on the file in Windows to merge it with the registry.
  4. The drag-drop issue should be repaired.
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[download id=”62″]via here

12 thoughts on “Cannot Drag/Drop Icons Or Files On Desktop Or In Windows Explorer”

  1. Wow, your solution work perfectly!!! now my problem is fixed!!!!!!
    Thanks for your help and tips dear bro!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ran the patch on an XP machine that was upgraded to Vista and it appears to have worked.
    Nice work. Many thanks.

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