Block/Disable/Password Protect Applications In Windows

Up until now I have been using the group policy editor for restricting some of the applications that I don’t want others to use in my network and on my own computers. The problem with the group policy editor is that if you have only one computer account that is used by you and your family members then blocking one application means blocking it for all.

AppAdmin is one cool little portable tool that can serve the purpose of blocking/unblocking applications you want. The applications can be password protected in order for the authenticated users to use them when they’re using the computer.
One good thing that I liked about AppAdmin is its drag and drop features. An application can be dragged and dropped to AppAdmin’s interface in order to block it. The interface is also really very simple and self explanatory.  Another advantage of using AppAdmin is that it doesn’t encrypt any data meaning that there is no data loss in case you forget the password. Download AppAdmin from here.





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  1. khalifa

    i want to block the password for the windows?