Another Free VPN Service

Update: See my latest article where I have written about 8 free VPN services including these.
I have already written about 5 free VPN services here. Today I have found another one and thought I should share with my readers. It’s called Project Loki. It is a public network service which uses SSL for more security. And the good thing about this service is that it’s free.
Projectloki is also very easy to use like most of the services that I have given in my previous article. It allows you to surf the internet without restriction. Just download the VPN client from the following location and install it in your system. The following pic explains how this VPN actually works:

Download the VPN client from the following location:
[download id=”171″]
You can login as guest to use this VPN service for free.
Update: See my latest article where I have written about 8 free VPN services including these.



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9 responses to “Another Free VPN Service”

  1. nate

    Good article!
    I’m using to surf anonymous it cost only €5 a month for unlimited bandwidth.

  2. vpnworldwide

    Unblocking a website is a technique of accessing a specific website even when it is blocked. With vpn worldwide choose to unblock websites of your choice skype, poker, adult websites! and many more unique features which you never imagined.

  3. Peter Pin

    I’m using vpn tunnel since there is no registration. No account/password needed. The speed is good and connection stable. I hope it will be free forever.

  4. Lozz

    Faster and Better VPN Service with Security
    Hey, I’ve been using FBVPN to free my Internet. now I can access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter on faster speed.
    FBVPN encrypts my network traffic when I’m online at public WiFi spots, protects my privacy against hackers and spies.
    I thought you might be interested… sign up with the EXCLUSIVE link below, You can get a “1+7” days free trial (up to a limit of one year)!, Let me know if your like it.
    I got to 1 month extended counting up.

  5. anonymouswarhawk

    I’m using as my vpn provider. They have great speeds at a good price!

  6. bruce

    Same as above i am also using as my vpn provider. GREAT SERVICE.

  7. Bobe

    i want user and password[vpn] in the mail

  8. kiss

    count me pls !

  9. schel
    I don’t think so. Used them for a day. Great no worries. Then just today, I’m getting blocked on purpose. Without warning.
    As of late extensive downtime and server issues.
    These guys are a SCAM! Avoid, avoid, avoid
    They are run by the same company, Portlane.
    Read these threads to find out about their “reputation”.
    “Here was a reply back from Portlane in regards to Anonine;
    I am not even going to start answer all those condescending questions you have stated. Who do you think you are and who do you think we are? Portlane is a big well respected ISP in Sweden and if you dont think we know what we are doing then why bother?
    Med vänliga hälsningar / Best regards,

    Christopher Segerberg
    Sales Manager
    Mind you know this is from a Manager in a company replying back in this manner, highly unprofessional!
    So Christopher Segerberg a manager at Portlane seems to have respect and knowledge confused because there are many respected companies around the world but that doesn’t make them all knowing or with great knowledge…”