Analyze And Fix Vulnerabilities In Your System

ICSI netalyzr logo Security is becoming an increasingly popular concern even for the home users nowadays. The fear of being unsecure becomes more prevalent when we get compromised at least once. There are certain areas of system security where even a moderately advanced techie will fail to identify the security hole. The security hole gets identified only when the system gets compromised.
There are security software like antivirus, anti-malware, firewalls and internet security suites but how do we know that they are protecting our system? This is what we should be able to know from these softwares. But unfortunately most of the security softwares do not give any information regarding this in an effort to be more and more user friendly.
There are some tools available which separately serve this very purpose of identifying the key areas of system security and letting us know what we are lacking in our system.
One of those tools is an online tool hosted at Berkeley, University of California. I think it gives a very comprehensive information about where we have secured our system and where are are lacking the security. It also gives information about the vulnerability and suggests possible solutions to block the threat.
It analyses a lot of areas including the following:

  • Address-based Tests
  • Reach-ability Tests
  • Network Access Link Properties
  • HTTP Tests
  • DNS Tests
  • Host Properties

Just go to the following website and press start analysis




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