Free VPN Services – 8 Services Of Great Value

I have already written about 5 VPN services here and another VPN service here. In this article I want to combine all these 6 VPN services that I have already written about and another two of them that I will be introducing in this article. So now we will have a total of 8 free VPN services to choose from. Here is the list of free VPN services that I have covered till now:
Alonweb free VPN service
Hotspot VPN software
Loke VPN Client
Here are the two new services that I want to list down in this article.

VPN Tool

I liked this service because we only need to install a small software on our computers. It will create a network connection in the Network Connections. it uses the built-in VPN and networking features in Windows to connect to the VPN Tool network. When you register, a username and password will be shown instantaneously.

Its Hidden

Its Hidden is a new free VPN service that I have come across. It has a very fast connection and no restrictions are applied.  I recommend this service because there is no need to install any software. We have to make a VPN connection through Windows Network Connections and we’re ready to go. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the screenshot of the service as the service is unavailable for a few days due to server loads.
If you come across some other good VPN service, please let me know through comments so that I may be able to list down all the free VPN services here.


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  1. thanks for the list, i am using Ultra VPN now. so far satisfied.
    .-= Pritush´s last blog ..Speed Up WordPress blog =-.

  2. The biggest things I missed when I moving abroad was not getting all of my TV from back home US & UK. Back in 2000 the internet was still very slow, no broadband.
    Luckily now I can get all my TV (BBC iPlayer, NBC, Fox) through the internet via @ $55 a year. I played around with the so called “free” options, but they were always blocked or dead slow.
    Hope this helps,

  3. The biggest disadvantage of using FREE VPN is either you will get a slow speed or many features disabled.
    I’m using the TUVPN since few months. They allow Dynamic Port Forwarding because of which I’m able to download torrents.

  4. Hi,
    This is very helpful post however I wasted lots of time trying to figure out which of these services are operating and up to date.
    AlonWeb no longer works, JAP is not a VPN, UltraVPN is terribly slow.
    In the meantime other excellent free services appeared like

  5. Free stuff always have poor and unreliable security that is why i never use free services from my past bad experiance. The one that works for me now is the
    Paying little monthly payment but it sure is worth it.

  6. I realize that the free stuff always have poor service and sometimes have hidden spyware and ad ware.. how can i be sure that these are safe?

  7. i realize that the free stuff always have poor service and sometimes have hidden spyware and ad ware.. how can i be sure that these are safe?

  8. I’ve tried a lot of the free VPN service and found they are really slow or don’t work. I wanted a UK ip address so I could watch bbciplayer. I’m using it’s works in Dubai where most VPN’s are blocked.

  9. I realize that the free stuff always have poor service and sometimes have hidden spyware and ad ware.. how can i be sure that these are safe?

  10. I bought a paid subscription to ItsHidden a couple of months ago and liked it for a short while. I haven’t been able to connect at all for the last two weeks, though, and I can’t get any response from their help desk either. Their website doesn’t seem to recognize that I’m a paying subscriber when I log in even though I just paid another monthly installment through PayPal.
    Guess I’ll have to cancel and start working to get a refund. Too bad … now what? Anything reliable out there as far as VPNs?

  11. In the paid VPN services, I have used ibVPN which is very good. They actually have a free VPN too. You can get a free VPN for one month if you’re lucky enough ..

  12. I am using Hotspot Shield Free VPN to access blocked websites and content. Its a good VPN and i am really satisfied.

    • I don’t like hotspot shield because it carries a host of other unnecessary software which will clog down the PC for sure.