6 Free Tools To Get Detailed System Information–Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Audio, Hard Disks Etc

There are so many tools to get detailed hardware and software information in Windows. But I prefer the ones that are free and portable because I want to take the tool in my USB drive and get the system information of whichever system I like. I will discuss two tools that I use for my work.

1- Speccy

Speccy is a pretty good tool by Piriform. The other tool from Piriform that I use is CCleaner. Speccy comes in both flavors, portable and installable. On my own system, I use the installer while I keep the portable Speccy in my USB drive for emergency use. Speccy gives a lot of information about almost every part of the system including detailed information about the Operating System, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Audio, Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Peripherals and Network. It even gives the temperatures of the system components like the CPU and Hard Drive.


Download Speccy from the following locations:

Download Speccy installer

Download Speccy portable

2- Sys Information

Sys Information is not a portable software but is worth a look. It is more generalized and is simpler than Speccy. While Speccy provides most of the hardware details, Sys Information provides some details about the installed programs, fonts etc in addition to the hardware details.

sys information

Sys Information can be downloaded from the developer’s site.

Other notable portable system information tools include the following:

3- SIW Portable – A very advanced system information and diagnostics tool for Windows which can tell almost everything about Windows environment.

4- AIDA32 – A portable program similar to SIW, gives detailed information about hardware and software installed in the system. It comes with its built in hardware database to detect the hardware installed.

5- System Spec – A portable utility which can produce a specification of your system’s hardware and software. You can also print the hardware and software information retrieved by System Spec.

6- ASTRA32 Portable – This programs performs advanced computer configuration analysis and gives detailed information about the hardware and its working modes. It can detect the serial numbers of the devices installed.






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  1. Disk Cleaner

    I usually use Everest Home Edition Free to get this informations for my computer parts. I find it very good.