5 Simple Ways to Make Your Computer Faster

There are many reasons for a slow computer. Maybe you have too many programs running at once. Maybe you need to install updates. It might also be that you are using the wrong programs. Whatever your particular case is, here are five simple ways to get your computer back to top speed.

  1. Change your browser – Switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Switching browsers is a simple, effective way to speed up your computer. Forget the old go-to, the newer browsers work much more effectively and quickly. They are both free to use and easy to install, so why wait any longer?


  1. Clean up – Clean out your computer. There are tons of free programs that will help you to get your computer really clean, but which one is the best? Well, I’ve found that CCleaner is the quickest and simplest to use program that really gets everything cleaned up. It can also double check your registry once it finishes cleaning, so that is another added benefit.


  1. Defragmenting – Defragmentation of your hard drive regularly is essential. Defragmenting your hard drive used to be so slow that it almost wasn’t worth the effort, but not anymore. With programs like Defraggler, it is now easier than ever to get your computer in order. It will save your computer moments of memory retrieval time, which adds up to real time savings as you go along.


  1. Plugins – Delete unnecessary plugins. When you download new programs, many times they come with voluntary plugins. It is always beneficial to remove them. Most of the time they don’t help you and you do not use them very often, so don’t keep them around. The more plugins you get rid of, the faster your computer will run.


  1. Update – Update regularly. Sometimes computer slowdown is caused by old systems. Make sure you update your computer habitually. Most modern computers update every time they are closed down completely, but if you leave your computer running all the time, then you need to check yourself for updates to the system. Don’t get left in the dust; check on new updates often and keep your computer running fast and safely.

No matter what is slowing your computer down, you can fix it. Just set some time aside to clean up a little and it will pay off big in the long run. Do your research and you are bound to find free programs that work well and do exactly what you need.
This Guest post is by Christine Kane, a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide variety of subjects including internet providers in my area for different blogs.



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