5 Great Internet Explorer Add-Ons

There is a lot of debate about Firefox add-ons and the number of add-ons which are available for Firefox are also unlimited. Here I would like to mention some add-ons that I like to have in my Internet Explorer. I’m using Internet Explorer 8 and there are some add-ons that only run on Internet Explorer 8 but I will mention about the add-ons that can also be used in previous versions of Internet Explorer.

XMarks – Bookmarking


I use this add-on not only on Internet Explorer but also on Firefox. It’s like you have your favorites synchronized between Internet Explorer and Firefox. But it also goes ahead and stores all the bookmarks on an internet server which means if you want to synchronize your bookmarks across different computers, you can do so with this great add-on.
Get XMarks here.

StumbleUpon – Social Bookmarking

StumbleUpon is one of my favorite networks that I use when I get bored or everything else. StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more.
Get StumbleUpon here.

Live Search Suggestions – Web Searching

This Add-on is useful if you’re using Live Search Engine for your searches. I mostly use Google but occasionally use Live search also which also gives good results. This add-on gives search keyword suggestions while we are entering text in the Live Search Search bar.
Get Live Search Suggestions Here.

Google Search Suggestions – Web Searching

google search suggestions
Google is no doubt my favorite search engine simply because I get the most relevant results for whatever I search for. Like Live Search Suggestions, Google Search Suggestions add-on is also available for Internet Explorer which is a great add-on for all the Google lovers like me.
Get Google Search Suggestions Here.

Live TV – Online Entertainment

And the last of all is the most interesting of all. It is the Live TV toolbar. I haven’t tested it fully but I like the concept and also the streaming.
Live TV Toolbar – over 1750 online TV stations from around the world. The toolbar is based on a number of patent-pending technologies, automatic TV station updates, regular view mode & full-screen mode, listen to over 2500 live radio stations. Toolbar search powered by Google, e-mail notifier, pop-up blocker, RSS video feeds.
Get Live TV Here.



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4 responses to “5 Great Internet Explorer Add-Ons”

  1. ALTIN

    Cool Article Sanix!

  2. feranm_ie8team

    Hi my name’s Feran and I am working with the Internet Explorer Outreach Team to help provide assistance to folks about their Internet Explorer.
    I agree, those are all really great add-ons!
    Here are some more add-ons that are available for IE8 and are great ways to customize your Internet Explorer page. You can check them out here: http://www.ieaddons.com/en/
    Hope this is handy!

  3. Lisa Cox

    A great list of add ons!

  4. reed ramsdell

    incredimail notifier not working w/ie8. any advice?