5 Free Online VPN Services

Update: See my latest article where I have written about 8 free VPN services including these.
There are so many times when we want to browse the internet anonymously. There are a few ways to do it including using a proxy server or a VPN connection. Proxy servers are not all that good in terms of speed and features. By features, I mean that some of the proxy sites disable javascript and some of them don’t allow dynamic content. If we use a proxy server, it’s also very slow and not all that anonymous.

The option left behind is using an online VPN service. Most online VPN services are paid services. So if we want to use an online VPN service, we have to buy it first. But here are 5 services that I have come across and have been using over a period of time. So if you are having troubles in opening any website and your ISP or your country is blocking any site, you can easily use one of these services to access the blocked content without anyone knowing about it.


alonweb logo
AlonWeb uses the OpenVPN software which is malware free. So it’s pretty safe to use AlonWeb VPN service. Just download the OpenVPN client software below and then download the Alonweb certificate and configuration file.
Copy the configuration file in the config folder in OpenVPN installation directory.
Now register for a new user account on AlonWeb VPN service.
Connect through OpenVPN using the username and password which you just registered.
[download id=”166″] [download id=”167″]


ultravpn logo
UltraVPN is similar to AlonWeb. It is also based on OpenVPN service. It is also very easy to use. Just download the UltraVPN client from below and register for UltraVPN service here. Right click the UltraVPN icon placed in the status bar and select connect.

[download id=”168″]


jap logo
JAP is the VPN service I mostly use now. JAP is a german service so the IPs assigned to the JAP user will be Germany based. JAP software can be downloaded below. It doesn’t require any username or password. Just install the software, run it and enjoy anonymous connectivity to the internet.
[download id=”170″]


hotspot logo
HotSpot has long been the best and the only VPN service that was very popular and was easy to use. But now I have abondoned it because of its advertisements that come on while we are browsing the internet. Anyways if you want to use HotSpot online VPN service, you can download it below:
[download id=”169″]


packetix logo
PacketiX.NET is the latest of my finds and works pretty well. But the problem is that it is a commercial software but the trial version is available. So it can be used freely without purchasing it. Just download the VPN connection manager from below and install it and make a new VPN connection in the connection manager and surf the web through PacketiX.NET VPN service.
Register with PacketiX.NET service here.
Update: See my latest article where I have written about 8 free VPN services including these.

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  1. out of curiosity… is packetiX (or any of the services for that matter) secure in that it encrypts your data? Do the servers keep a log of your surfing activities? And lastly, is it safe from hackers?

  2. Hi There,
    Thanks for the article,
    I Downloaded the JAP.Jar file
    changed to JAP.zip
    Extracted it
    but there was no set up file in there,
    can you please update on how to install this JAP program

  3. i use ultravpn, n its work very well in my windows XP, but i just use windows 7..then the software didt work even though its connectted to the server..pliz help

  4. freeVPN works cool. But OpenVPN looks very interesting, looks neater. Thanks sir, very interesting blog.
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  5. you want free without limit? try ultra vpn, you want best but have limit try itshidden, you want free and no limit but more ads use hotspot shield. you want free just for surfing not for download try ultrasurf, and vpn tool so.
    .-= wongbulu´s last blog ..Kita Butuh Islam yang Membebaskan =-.

  6. Is there such a VPN service that will not be detected as a proxy server? I tried itshidden.com and it works but if I go to myipaddress.com, it detects it as a proxy server. This is why I tried a VPN, rather than a proxy server site but it’s not much different.

  7. @Matthew – I used to use VPNUK to get BBC IPlayer and Hulu, but it was very rather slow and not such a good price, since their prices are in British Pounds.
    I started using Strong VPN http://www.vpntelevision.com for $55 a year. This has been the best deal I have found on the internet. High-speed connection and it simply works!

  8. you should try TUVPN.COM they are offering good service and you can use torrent softwares to download. also they have servers located in major parts of europe including USA

  9. Please i am from South Africa, and each time i want to post on Craigslist, it complain about my ip address and it wont allow me make a post or advertise. Please can anyone assist me with a very good and strong vpn, sock 5 account, or ip? Free or paid that i can use to break craigslist.
    My email address is femson1984@aol.com
    Thank you all in advance

  10. @Eric Chavira
    You need a good VPN service which is free from spyware or what even adware, spam, phishing, viruses and other malware that have been input to a software that you download. PPTP or L2TP don’t need any software to download, they use our OS software.

  11. @Lozz
    Thank you for the information, but i tried click on the link you provide above, it says (Your ISP (LeaseWeb B.V.) was banned!)
    What do i do next, please help as i need a good vpn or ip that can break strong sites and most especially craigslist.
    Thank you all.

  12. @Eric Chavira
    I got reply from HideIPVPN support that said :-
    ISP was blocked because we are getting too many fraud order from your country.
    Try to search for other VPN that accept you country IP, sorry for that.

  13. @Blog Profits
    Thank you, but the openvpn service, each time i try to sign up it wont go and will say (Registration Failed. You are using a Free Email account (Yahoo, Hotmail etc..) or an email account that cannot be validated)
    Please do help.
    Thanks Eric

  14. You might want to try switchvpn…Best vpn i tried Very Stable and Fast connection and allows me to access facebook , youtube and all websites without any restrictions.i will give them 10/10

  15. @Global Importers,
    What do you mean by BLACK it is best strong?
    Can u explian more better?

  16. I Love Astrill.com They give You free invate for You friends also…3 friends you invate and get 1 month free…They also good price….6 U.S.A & 2 U.K. IP Address…Very Good Vpn
    I can send invate if anyone like 1

  17. i really need a Canadian vpn or italy/spain vpn free.i really need this vpn i don t have money i need free or trail version

  18. Looking for a God VPN i can use to post ads on craigslist..Please someone help me out on this for my business is on hold

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