5 Beneficial Ways to Use the Internet

The Internet is useful for so many different things in modern society that narrowing it down to just five almost seems absurd. However, we could all use a little reminder from time to time of what this incredible innovation is capable of beyond just posting on Facebook and scrolling through page after page of cat memes.

To refresh your memory–and maybe even introduce you to some new concepts–consider the following list of top five beneficial ways you can use the Internet:

1. Make a Phone Call. Forget to pay your bill and need to make an emergency phone call? You can make a call right from your computer with Google Voice. This user-friendly software allows anyone with a Gmail account to call friends and colleagues in the U.S. and Canada absolutely free. Users can also count on exceptionally low rates for calls outside of these regions as well for convenient international calling. Google Voice even offers a video chat option as well. A similar phone calling service is also available through Yahoo! Voice and the popular video chat company Skype.

2. Watch a Movie. From Hulu to Netflix, watching your favorite TV shows and movies is easier than ever with a little help from the Internet. Hulu and similar websites like SurftheChannel allow you to watch and share your favorite shows and movie clips for absolutely free, while Netflix grants members access to thousands of movies and television shows for just pennies per day.

3. Earn a College Degree. Traditional colleges have had a monopoly on higher education for close to 400 years, but the rapid growth of online institutions offers an alternative choice for students all across the country. At an online college, students of all ages and educational backgrounds can complete homework and tests, participate in discussions with other students, study academic material through various technological resources and ultimately, earn a higher degree. For busy parents, life-long learners, and other people, this opportunity is a highly convenient solution.

4. Find a Job. The job market isn’t always kind to the unemployed, which is why every resource must be used to its fullest potential to ensure the best results. The Internet offers a virtual gold mine of outlets for professionals to connect with employers through social media sites like LinkedIn, Blogger and job-hunting sites like Monster.com. In addition to connecting with professionals in your industry through these platforms, job seekers can use the Internet to create an attractive resume, look for advice from other professionals, and keep up with industry news on a minute-to-minute basis.

5. Shop. Who has the time (and patience, for that matter) to head out to the store, wait in traffic, search through aisles and aisles of consumer goods, wait in line, make five impulse buys, and drive all the way back home again? Although shopping in stores does come with the advantage of having the item right away — and dodging shipping fees– the convenience of online shopping often makes it a much better alternative for anything from toiletry items to appliances and clothing.

Because the Internet has grown at a much faster pace than anyone could have anticipated, we often need a refresher course on what the World Wide Web is capable of. With just those five features above, the Internet has enhanced each of our lives in astronomical ways and has the potential for even greater things in the future.

Guest post by Lindsey. Lindsey Harper Mac is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in writing guest posts covering social media and education on behalf of Colorado Technical University. Currently, Lindsey is completing work on her master’s degree.





2 responses to “5 Beneficial Ways to Use the Internet”

  1. Rafael

    Waste of time

  2. the only benefit i receive from the internet (according to that list) is shopping. haha. not much of a surprise. honestly after shopping online, i hate going to the mall where its crowded all the time with no parking availability. plus, you have access to more things than a mall full of stores could ever give you. not to mention, one stop shopping location – wherever your computer is.