5 Amazing Facebook Applications For Enhanced User Experience

Facebook is the most famous social network on the internet. It’s popularity can be imagined by the recent news that Facebook has surpassed Google in the United States in terms of homepage visits. This means that there are more visitors to Facebook homepage than Google homepage. I have been using Facebook applications for fun purposes but while blogging, I occasionally find a Facebook app that is more geared towards productivity and enhanced user experience. I will share my collection of productivity and user experience enhancement apps for Facebook.

1- Pixelpipe Media Uploader Firefox Add-on

This little Firefox add-on enables you to upload multimedia content to your Facebook account with ease. Other social networks lie MySpace, Flickr, Picasa, twitter, Photobucket etc are also supported.
Download and install Pixelpipe Media Uploader

2- Scrapboy

This is a desktop application which offers Facebook features right from your desktop . Its features include Facebook chat, customizable updates so that you get the updates from the friends you select, a photo viewer which also shows deleted/detagged photos and important events like birthdays etc. This is only a limited list of features. Just download Scrapboy and see the power of this desktop application.
Download Scrapboy

3- Advanced Wall

Advanced Wall is an interesting Facebook application which will make writing on your wall like writing in Microsoft Word. It adds a WYSIWYG editor from where you can add videos, links, flash, pictures, format text etc.
Get Advanced Wall

4- Facebook Toolbar For Firefox

Facebook toolbar for Firefox is best for people who spend most of their time on Facebook. Its features include instant notifications which you can see on the toolbar, connecting with friends, easily sharing content etc.
Install Facebook Toolbar for Firefox

5- Graffiti

Graffiti is an amazing application which lets you to draw on your friends wall instead of typing and writing. If you have used Windows Live Messenger feature of drawing, then you’ll certainly like this app.
Install Graffiti