2 Tools To Share Keyboard And Mouse On Multiple Computers

While we can easily share one keyboard, mouse and monitor with a KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) Switch, there are some times when we want to share all these on multiple computers without using any hardware device like the KVM Switch. Let’s talk about the softwares that are available which simulate the function of KVM switch. There are two sofwares that I know of which can be used to share the mouse and keyboard on multiple computers .
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1- Input Director

input director
Input Director is a very useful Windows program which can let you control multiple computers using the same keyboard and mouse. This is especially useful for people who have multiple computers at home and have difficulty running between computers to operate them. With Input Director, you can set one computer as a master computer and others as slaves. Then you can control all the slaves using your master computer keyboard and mouse. You can switch between different computers by using a hotkey (configured in Input Director settings) or simply by dragging the mouse out of the screen which takes you to the other computer’s screen.
[Download Input Director]

2- Synergy

The only problem with Input Director is that it is Windows only meaning that you’ll only be able to use it on a Windows network. If you have multiple Operating Systems like Linux, Mac etc. then Synergy is the software of choice. Here are some of the features of Synergy:

  • Move your mouse easily between computers
  • Requires nothing other than existing ethernet
  • Copy and paste between your computers
  • No need to press any buttons (unlike KVM)
  • You can still use multiple monitors on the same computer
  • Lock the mouse to one screen

[Download Synergy]
You can also use multiple mouse and keyboard on a single computer.