Windows 8 Cloud Computing Is Safer Computing Than Ever Before

Windows 8 is way more than just another update for your computer, and there are many reasons why you will not be able to stay in the past when it comes to personal computing. I still know many people who are using Windows 2000, and are still trying to avoid the internet, and are worried about the dangers of cloud computing. Here is a look why cloud computing, the new Windows 8 download and storing your information is safer than ever before. You have been using cloud computing for some time, and just because you get online some of the time, does not mean you are any safer. Here is a look at how cloud computing, Windows 8 and other changes coming our way will actually make our computing safer.

Tablets. The new Windows 8 upgrade has been released as a tablet operating system. That is why they called it the Re-Creation of Windows. It is a very big change in the way we use computers, and it is a very big change considering that Windows introduced us to the idea of having our own personal computer, and storing everything on it. The internet meant we could send information to each other. That is not the case anymore. Now we collaborate and share, versus sending.

Multi Device. With multi-device computing, as possible with the Windows 8 operating system, we will not want to store our information on each device. We will want to store it online, so we can access that file with each of our devices at any time. This is the case with the new Windows 8 operating system, because it will be the same on all devices. We have never really used our smartphones and our computers together. When you can use all applications and all files on all devices, you will start using them in conjunction with each other. Some people are already doing this with Google’s Gmail and Google Documents – however this is limited to what Google Documents has to offer. HTML5 is the language of the internet, and will work directly on the new Windows 8 operating system. This means applications are about to change.

Applications. Applications based on HTML5 will be the way forward with Windows 8. We are using these applications now, for our email, banking and more. A perfect example of this is Facebook. We are not concerned our online banking and Facebook are not safe, and there is no reason to think all of our computing will not be just as safe as we store online. Now, if you lose a device, you may have many files on that device that you lose forever. If they are stored online, you don’t have to worry, you have not lost your work, and your information is safe. It is only through malware and other viruses that our computers come under attack. Windows 8 has ways around that too.

Viruses and Malware. Have been made to penetrate our computers to get information from us, and learn more about what we do. Applications available from an App Store, like with Apple, have been screened. This is the case with the new App Store for Windows 8, and all of this information is being discussed heavily on the Windows 8 forums. Many of these new applications will only be produced in HTML5, and they will only work in your browser or directly on your new Windows operating system. They will be virus and malware free. They will not work on your old Windows, and you will be online all the time.

Cloud computing is here, has been around for some time, and is safer than storing anything on your computer. Using older applications that are not from an application store will mean you computer is still open to attack. Using your older browser to surf the internet is not as safe as using updated versions for the new Windows system. These are just some of the reasons why the new Windows and cloud computing are safer computing than we have ever known.

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