Windows 7 on Fourth at Computer Market

Windows 7 has reached 25% market share of all operating systems in the world. Number of existing users of  Windows XP drops down by stat counters survey.

Windows 7 na co czwartym komputerze

Windows 7 could be called a miracle of Microsoft. The operating system is selling like hotcakes since the very beginning , when it made its debut on October 22 last year. Only after three months the market was at the tenth position in the world on the computer , then by time it just gone better.

Windows 7 with just over a year since its release ,theyhavenow  25% share of the market system . Microsoft assumed that by the end of this year, the system reaches the number of 300 million sold copies . It seems that it is quite likely, because in October the successor of Vista purchased more than 240 million times .


Of course, the growing popularity of Windows 7 at the expense of other operating systems  like the mostly  aged Windows XP , which is now on every other computer in the world. It is reality that Windows 7 is now at 93% of new computers that are on store shelves.

Salman, the author of this article, is an electrical engineer and also runs a technology blog