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View Wireless Key Stored On Your System

Mostly we enter access key on wifi network and then forget about it , it is very difficult to guess the right key again today i will tell you about the software wireless key viewer to overcome this problem not only this it also tell you the password of any WIfi key stored on any PC just you should have access to that PC, Run this portable app onthe system it will tell you the password of all the Wifi networks stored on the PC , MacAfee recognises it as trojan but it’s not trojan.

Wireless Key View’s simple-looking interface . The main feature is it lets you view the passwords your Wi-Fi manager has stored, but not only this it offers more than just that. The spreadsheet-style window shows the properties of any stored network name. Users can view not just the ASCII password, but also the Hex key, the adapter type, and the adapter GUID. If you want to copy any of the information, hit ALT Enter to open a properties window that displays it all in editable text fields.

Besides offering copy and search functions, Wireless Key View also crams in an HTML report feature for either selected networks or the entire database. All in all, it’s a great little app for revealing some of the hidden mysteries of the Wi-Fi signals you’re using.

Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be installed and it can be run from your USB key, so you can have it with you and if you are who go to your friends’ house, you won’t have any problem, just plug your USB key in its PC and discover the key.

Download WirlessKeyViewer for Here.