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Ultimate Portable Tools Suite For USB LiberKey

LiberKey is a suite of Open Source and Free Portable applications that can be stored and run directly from a USB device.

The LiberKey is available in three forms Basic, Standard and Ultimate editions.

New software can also be added in the any suite.

LiberKey has it’s own portable application launcher that resides in the taskbar for easy access.

On Liberkey.com 290 applications available that can be added to the launcher.

The applications range in all areas : Audio, Video, Graphics, Internet, Games, Security, Education, System, etc.

Liberkey is free, Portable,option to updates applications, can synchronize with online catalogimage


Liberkey is available in English and French.

LiberKey Portable Suite


When I wanted to add any portable installer downloaded from Portableapps.com, I could not find any options. Instead it gives you the option to install software from its catalog.