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We have reviewed VLC media player which is among very few media players which are free and can play almost any video format without installation of plugins or codec packs. The default skin of VLC media player is pretty classic and legacy. If you want to add some spice and flavor to your VLC player […] Read more

If you want to send someone a video message but you want the video deleted instantly after the person has viewed the video, mailVU has the right set of tools for you. mailVU provides the ability to record a video email and send it to anyone but with some restrictions. The videos can be recorded […] Read more

Materials Needed: Computer, DV AVI file, DVD burning software, blank DVD When you record a video with your DV (Digital Video) camera and then transfer it to your PC computer, the resulting file is usually stored as a DV AVI (Audio Video Interweave). AVI was first developed by Microsoft in the early 1990s and has […] Read more

VReveal is videoimprovement software but be sure that it is not video edition.Most video editing software available in the market may also provide the optimization features and these programs allow you to do things like adjust the contrast and correct sharpness. But VReveal technology offers the most detailed information to enhance and significantly reduce noise […] Read more

I have previously reviewed All My Movies for which we gave some free licenses to our readers and also Audio comparer which can compare the audio files according to the audio inside the files. I had requested some licenses of Audio Comparer from Bolide Software. Max is kind enough to offer 3 licenses of All […] Read more

A few days back Max mailed me about a software which could compare the actual audio inside of the files and then give us similar and duplicate audio files. I had never heard of such a software. So I wanted to review it here on Technize. I have already done a giveaway of All My  […] Read more

VLC  media player is very basic and light weight media player which almost plays any type media file , it comes both in installable and portable edition and runs on may Operating Systems as well. In this article I am going to tell you the way how to use VLC payer to Stream any type […] Read more

Normally when we need to convert Audio or video from one format to another it is difficult to find proper software, Now I am going to tell you the way to convert formats through VLC media player Open VLC player click “media” > “Convert/Save” Widow will open to select the file to be converted by […] Read more

Media Convert Service allows you to convert your files instantaneously for free. No software is needed and you don’t have to register. You only need to upload it and wait a small time for conversion and the file is available for you to download You can convert files form Video,Audio,Text,Spreadsheets,Presentation,Database,Images,Vector document,compressed files While you convert […] Read more