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If you get something named Antivirus 7, please don’t install it. Although the name looks very similar to Windows 7 but it is not legitimate.  Antivirus 7 is a fake/rogue antivirus program that does not protect you from viruses. Actually this rogue antivirus is installed through the use of trojans and often bundled with other […] Read more

Nowadays as the trend of Flash drives is increasing, we are getting more used to them. U3 Flash Drives are now becoming popular. U3 drives have the property to present itself to the host system as a USB hub with a CD drive and standard USB mass storage device attached. You will have a launchpad […] Read more

This article is related to How to Manually Remove Viruses From Your System Note: This solution will work only against those Viruses which does not infect Windows own Exe files e.g like explorer.exe Virus Symptoms You may have seen some unexpected things that should not happen. Some of the symptoms of viruses are: Disables Task […] Read more

Worms are spreading very rapidly with the increasing usage of Flash Drives. Even anti-virus some time does not recognize these worms. I have come up with technique to prevent infection from these worms To remove cftmonn.exe worm Use this tool [download id=”235″] To remove FlashGuard.exe and Khatra.exe,gHost.exe,Xplorer.exe virus you can use [download id=”6″] […] Read more

If we want to test if our LCD monitor or laptop’s LCD is working correctly or not, we have to see if any pixel on the LCD has become dead or stuck. There are several softwares which test the life of the LCD monitor. I am listing three free softwares which do the same task. […] Read more

PE Guard is a free tool that protects your computer from any virus or malicious programs. It does so by preventing: A virus / program trying to copy itself to your system. (PowerGuard Mode) A virus / program trying to inject itself into one of your PE(Portable Executeable) files. Any rootkit / program trying to […] Read more

Smart virus remover has been released. Now it is made almost compatible with the Windows Vista and Windows 7 removing 50 viruses. The safety of personal data has been increased in this version. The icon has been changed also. Some minor bugs removed Improved the virus detection procedure os that all your files are […] Read more

Some Viruses disable your gpedit.msc and you are unable to open the Group Policy Editor and also any Microsoft Management Console program. When you open the gpedit.msc from run or services.msc you will get the following warnings.    I am listing two solution to this problem  Method 1 Download and install Microsoft Management Console 3.0 for Windows […] Read more