How to Fix Google Chrome DNS Error

If you are using Google Chrome for web surfing then surely you would have come across following error “Oops This Link Appears to Be Broken” for some websites in Google Chrome. Often when you try to load a certain page through Google Chrome it displays the error “Oops This Link Appears to Be Broken” and hence does not load the page. Few days back when I encountered this error, I tried to load the same website from Safari and Firefox just to check if there is something wrong with the page I am trying to access, but the page loaded perfectly fine on both the web browsers.

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Mouse Automatically Selects Any File In Windows

A client of mine is using Windows 7 and he reported a weird problem with his system. He told me that his mouse was behaving strange as it would select anything while he was hovering the mouse around. At first I didn’t understand the problem but when I used Team Viewer to connect to his system (he is a remote user) to diagnose the problem, it was quite simple.

There is an option in Control Panel –> Folder Options that produces this behavior.

folder options double click

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Portable Antiviruses For USB

Portable Antiviruses can be used without installing. So they can be taken into the USB drives or CD/DVD Drives. This can be useful if you want to clean a infected computer with no Antivirus.

These antivirus can be updated to include the latest signature. But the only problem with them is that they can be use for real time protection.

Note: These antivirus can not be used as complete protection for your computer. Since they assist professionals to clean infected computers only. The reason behind this is they do not provide real time protection

I am listing some of the Portable Antivirus which are free.

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Free Websites to download System Drivers

Upon system reinstall you ,may need to download driver. Such as Graphics driver and sound driver.

To know that you do not have installed your video driver or audio drivers. You need to open device manager.

Open My Computer properties –> Hardware tab- > Device Manger.

If you find some entry showing yellow icon. If the entry is named as Video Graphics Controller you need to install Video Driver for multimedia Audio Controller Audio driver need to be installed and for LAN Card or Ethernet Controller driver is required.

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Pen Drive Icon looks Like A Folder

Few days back I came across a trouble with my pen drive.

When I connected the pen drive into my computer, the icon if the drive looked like a folder rather than a drive. Obviously it was a virus problem. I scanned it with Avira. But it could not find any infection though it was up to date. Then I tried Smart Virus Remover . It scanned the drive and deleted the autorun.inf file. Then the icon was changed.

So if ever you face such problem then you may try the above.

Just download the Smart Virus Remover from here.

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Ipconfig /registerdns: RPC Server Unavailable Error

If a new machine is brought into the Windows domain, it automatically registers itself in the DNS server so that we can call it by name rather than the IP address. I was connecting one PC to my office domain but it was not registering itself in the DNS Server. I checked if the network connection was set to automatically register in the DNS or not. The option was checked but still it was not updating in the DNS records.

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Fix Common Problems to Windows with Microsoft Fix it Center

Microsoft has provided a solution to fix common windows problems through a managed interface. Microsoft Fix it! will scan your system for any kind of problem and then list solution to it. Fix it Center consolidates the diagnosing and repairing a problem into an automated tool.

Fix it Center downloads the latest troubleshooters in the Microsoft  library to your PC.

Fix it Center is in beta. It provides you almost 27 fixes. You can see the screenshot below.


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How to Manually Remove Virus From USB Flash Drive without Formatting

Note: The method will work on a system which is not affected by viruses. Otherwise you may not be able to delete virus files.

Indication of Virus

1. When you plugin a drive, Some Autoplay feature polls you to select a option. If you see a folder like icon that reads open using the program provided on the device. Does not select that. Also does not select Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer. Since the virus can execute with these options. Cancel it.

Note: Windows 7 has disabled the Autorun Option for Flash Drives, since the autorun source is usually unknown.


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