How to Retrieve Deleted Gmail Messages and Emails?

Exchanging messages has become so popular today! Whether you use the Facebook Messenger or Twitter, it is all about messages. But still to-date Email is so popular that Microsoft started convert of Hotmail account to Gmail and Yahoo are still going great guns! But sometimes things can go wrong when you are working with …

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CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD data recovery software

Publisher: Smart Projects Operating System: Windows (All) License: Freeware (Limited Edition) Download: Download IsoBuster Publisher’s description: IsoBuster is an award winning , highly specialized and easy to use CD, DVD and blu-ray (BD, HD DVD) data recovery tool. It supports all CD / DVD / BD / HD DVD formats and all common file-systems … …

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Five Reasons Your Computer Will Disallow Your Broadband from Working Faster

That your broadband internet connection does not perform well might not be a fault of your internet service provider. Many people enjoy the performance of their broadband internet when they install it newly on their computer but when it begins to get old on the computer, their broadband internet connection will not run faster as …

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How To Extract Files From Damaged Archive

In this article we will discuss how to recover files from a damaged archive. There are times when our archives become corrupted while copying or moving the archive from one place to another or a virus can also corrupt an archive and make it useless because it can’t be opened through a regular archiving and …

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How To Remove Toolbars In Firefox Internet Explorer And Google Chrome

Many freeware and even shareware softwares nowadays come with bundled programs that get installed automatically without much knowledge to the user. Most of the non-techie users will find themselves in trouble once these bundled programs are installed and get into the way of the work being done on the computer. One such hindrance is from …

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Backup Error 0x81000038 In Windows 7 [KB981907]

One of my clients was getting error 0x81000038 whenever she started the backup tool in Windows 7. She said that whatever she selected, whether internal drives or external drives, she was getting the same error. She restarted the system but to no avail.

I searched the internet for any possible solutions and got the KB981907 from Microsoft Knowledgebase. This problem occurs when the AppData key in the registry is missing or corrupt for the currently logged in user. This error is user specific so if there are 10 user accounts in one system and all of them are getting the same error 0x81000038, all of them need to fix their AppData key in the registry.

In fact there are two solutions to this problem, one is a temporary fix and the other one is the permanent one.

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Using Windows 7 Startup Repair to Fix Errors

Microsoft Windows 7 provides some unique functionality that are build specifically to overcome some system problems. This articles will guide you on how to use Microsoft Windows 7 Startup Repair to identify and repair certain errors. Microsoft Windows 7 Startup Repair is a system recovery tool which you can locate in the System Recovery Options menu. This tool can help you overcome specific system problems that might hinder in successfully booting Windows 7. Missing or damaged system files is one good example of such problems. Windows 7 Startup tool automatically starts up whenever Windows fails to boot properly and start scanning your computer for issues and later attempts to fix them. There are possibilities that the utility my not start automatically (depends on nature of issue) and thus you need to run the utility manually through System Recovery Options.

Follow the steps below to use Windows 7 Startup Repair!

  • Select Startup Repair from the System Recovery window.

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