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Microsoft has been busy getting rid of all the Windows activation cracks that started to pour out even before the final release of Microsoft Windows 7. The activation cracks used to bypass the technology used by Microsoft that interpreted the activation. With Service Pack 1, it became almost impossible for the hackers to crack the […] Read more

One of the common error experienced in using Microsoft Windows 7 is that sometimes Windows7 is unable to detect a DVD ROM drive attached to your computer irrespective of the fact that the standard driver is properly installed and DVD drive is visible in the BIOS. The repair for this issue is quite simple and […] Read more

Sometimes you’re unable to see your Windows Vista partition when Windows 7 is installed on it. This problem is mainly due to a little bug which doesn’t allot the letter to the partition in Microsoft Windows 7. You can easily fix this problem out and here is the way to do it. Click Start. Type […] Read more

Zeus Trojan has been around for a few years now. It is one of the most active trojans which is in constant state of further development. The last varient of Zeus (ZBot) was found a few months back which was named version 2. Zeus Trojan steals personal information from the infected PC/system. But now a […] Read more

Microsoft Windows 7 provides some unique functionality that are build specifically to overcome some system problems. This articles will guide you on how to use Microsoft Windows 7 Startup Repair to identify and repair certain errors. Microsoft Windows 7 Startup Repair is a system recovery tool which you can locate in the System Recovery Options […] Read more

Mostly PC are infected with browser hijackers which can neither be detected nor removed easily, I am going to introduce the software which can do so HijackThis is tiny program examines vulnerable or suspect parts of your system, such as browser helper objects and certain types of Registry keys. Pressing the Scan button generates a log of […] Read more

SpyDLLRemover is the standalone tool to effectively detect and delete spywares from the system. It comes with advanced spyware scanner which quickly discovers hidden Rootkit processes as well suspicious / injected DLLs within all running processes. It not only performs sophisticated auto analysis on process DLLs but also displays them with various threat levels, which […] Read more

Usually when virus hide files and it also remove folder options it is much difficult to get the files quickly if one is in hurry, although such virus can be removed manually (Read Remove EXE virus manually) ; But I’m going to tell the the way in which you can UN-hide all the hidden files by on single […] Read more

Mostly we enter access key on wifi network and then forget about it , it is very difficult to guess the right key again today i will tell you about the software wireless key viewer to overcome this problem not only this it also tell you the password of any WIfi key stored on any […] Read more

During my daily working I usually encounter many viruses but most common is sscvihost.exe and autorun.ini these viruses spread from USB drive as well, I can usually remove it without using any anti-virus software, today I am going to explain how to remove these viruses if anti-viruses are not doing so. However, be warned that […] Read more