Nowadays viruses have created many problems for Home and Business users, I have seen many PC’s becoming virus houses from where viruses spread to other PC’s. These viruses usually spread through removable media (Flash Drives), where they place their autorun.inf files and when anyone opens the drive in his PC, it also became virus deceased.… (4 comments)

Windows is very bad in terms of protecting itself from other programs. For example, I was installing some device drivers and after I finished everything and double clicked the Windows sound control in the status bar, it gave me the following error: “Volume Control Program has not been installed” I did a little research and… (40 comments)

Users The Smart Anti-Virus has been rename to Smart Virus Remover. Now it has some more functionality for download see below. If you want to see new post about Smart Virus Remover see Smart Virus Remover 1.4 Hello guys After a long time, I have developed a small Anti-Virus, that can easily remove 13 different… (125 comments)

To remove this virus and also some of it’s variants you can now use my own Anti-Virus It is able to detect and clean viruses only by running it. It can also remove virus from flash drives and scan single folders for viruses. By the time, I will add support for removing other viruses also.… (50 comments)

Instant messaging has been increasing for years. And most popular IM software is Msn messenger. As the use of Msn messenger increases, more worms and viruses get propagated through the messenger. Here’s the latest one usually called the Msn virus. Technical Names: Also known as W32.Mimbot.A, W32/Delf-EXR, WORM_IRCBOT.AJY What it does: It comes through Msn… (4 comments)

Previous Post ravmon-virus-killer Now it has been replaced by Smart Virus Remover. Click below to go to location where you can download it Without your feedback I will not able to improve it if any bug is still present. To delete Autorun.inf files click here… (57 comments)