Hacking Basics And How To Protect Yourself From Hackers

Hacking has turned out to be a means for accessing the world of others without their knowledge. The status of hacking has been given a negative image as t is something very unethical and immoral to access the properties of others without their knowledge. But if another view is taken, then it would not be wrong to state hacking as an art where a person creates software and programs deliberately to conceive others and which is not possible for all to. Hacking has been gaining attention over the years as it has lead to some serious mischief in the world of internet by creating losses in millions to the others. In addition to it, hacking is also responsible for malfunctioning of several websites which has resulted into a chaos.

Software hacking is one of the most common modes of hacking as it is the simplest form o hacking which includes a procedure. Software hacking can be carried out by following a series on inter related steps and a rough structure of such mode of hacking is presented.


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Tips To Troubleshoot Mobile Broadband & Dongles

clip_image002Mobile broadband is a brilliant innovation that has opened the possibility of accessing the internet, no matter where we are. As with any other technology, mobile broadband too is not completely perfect. It has its own circle of issues relating to coverage, speed etc. While some of these cannot be fixed at the users end, many a time, the solution can be simple if we know what and where to look for.

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11 Tips to Make Browsing the Internet Faster

Is your computer as fast as it was when you purchased it? Are you noticing that the smallest things take time to load on the internet? Take a look at what your computer is doing. Here are some little things that you can do to make your internet faster.

1. Use a third party DNS server

Choosing a third party DNS server like OpenDNS is an option which will make your internet service run faster. It will bring your computer closer to the information that you are seeking.

2. Update your browser

If you are using Internet Explorer, there are updates issued all the time. These updates are intended to close holes in security as well as optimize your system. Take advantage of the updates that are announced in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

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Computer Clock Does Not Show Correct Time After Restart

sweet ThinkGeek LED clockA user asked me about a problem he was having about his computer clock. His computer clock was not showing correct time after the PC was restarted no matter how many times the clock is adjusted but the same situation occurs every time the system is restarted.

I investigated the issue and here’s the solution that we got.

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Enhance Hard Disk Drive Transfer Rates

Computer systems are increasing day by day in technology advancements. In 2000 year we have only seen a Pentium 4 processor having 1.0 Ghz speed, and now in 2010 we have a processor like core i7 with 6 cores of 3.3 Ghz.  RAM has also advanced much today we have DDR3-2133 MHz. Hard disk drives have also increased in terms of capacity.  But Hard disk drives comparing with the advancments in processor and memory has not much increased tranfer rates. Usually hard disk drives offer transfer rates of 50-100 MB/s.

These rates can be enhanced upto a point. By using this techniques

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Ways to speed up Slow PC

Increase virtual memory of the system, Fix Slow PC

One of the most asked question is how to increase speed of your computer or how to Fix a slow PC, because we all want to avail the maximum speeds possible with our hardware and software configurations. There are many reasons due to which PC running slow and these can include software and hardware issues. Some of the most common reasons are – Windows options are set to high performance (which use lot off memory) – Running Out of Disk Space – Computer needs a serious clean up and perhaps a fresh reinstallation

Speeding up Computer using Software Methods

Remove Auto Start-up Programs – Open start menu and check which program is in start-up because program which is present in start-up starts with boot up, this slow down the PC dramatically which is very frustrating when one want to jump on the pc for urgent work and system laughing at you, remove unnecessary program form start-up this will increase the speed of boot-up

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10 Tips for Ensuring You Don’t Download Spyware

The combination of spyware, malware and adware makes for a horrid blight on the PC landscape. The creators of these foul applications are indiscriminate, encouraging their malignant wares to spread unchecked across the internet to reside within your computer. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to prevent this plague of slimeware from infecting your machine.

1. Read the EULA There are many people who click through the license agreement that comes up when installing software. Malware and slimeware developers take advantage of this fact by putting their own contingencies into the agreement, giving the appearance that the user consented to the installation of the software. If you read text carefully, you will be able to decide whether you are installing legitimate software.

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