While using Windows Vista, I have noticed some sluggish performance due to extensive services running in the background. Though the background services does many tasks automatically without user intervention it slow down system performance. Microsoft for the first time has taken the advantage of Task Scheduler in Windows Vista.Many tasks are performed event wise, but… (4 comments)

Sometimes one needs to change the Windows XP product key. There are several ways to do so. Some of them are given below. Note: You should create System Restore Point before proceeding. If something goes wrong, no need to worry, just restore your system. 1- By changing the registry information To change your Windows XP… (10 comments)

While working with http://technize.com I had one problem .. adjusting all the colors. I had to copy the screen shot of the whole blog into Adobe Photoshop and then pick the color code from there and then put it in the stylesheet. Then I found out two softwares which could do this for me. They…

Today I was visiting some forums which I regularly visit. I found out that people are having problems with a toolbar called My Way Search Assistant. So I thought that it would be a good idea that I write about it. What is My Way Search Assistant: MyWay Searchbar, also known as MyWay Speedbar, MyWay… (16 comments)

I’m always in a hunt for software with better organizational capabilities. Because without organizing yourself, you’ll never be able to advance in the future at an optimum speed. A few days back, I stumbled upon a software called stablauncher. I downloaded it, installed and configured it .. and wow it has got the ability to… (5 comments)