Students Leaning Towards Tablet Use: Teachers Falling Behind

We have seen a tablet running a Windows 8 operating system at the latest BUILD conference in California. The operating system was supposed to be released in another year. What is clear is the install of the Windows 8 for the tablet works well. It is fast, and with a lower memory footprint we should …

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Download Windows 8 Developer Edition [Pre-Beta Release]

Download Windows 8 Developer Edition now! Microsoft Windows 8 is now publicly available for download and testing. It is a pre-beta release meaning that it should not be installed in a production environment. Here are some of the features of Windows 8: Metro Style UI Windows 8 introduces a beautiful new user interface (UI) designed …

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Foxit PDF Reader 5 Released With Ribbon UI

Foxit PDF Reader 5 has been released recently. The new Foxit PDF Reader 5 includes a lot of new enhancements and improvements. The most notable is the Ribbon UI and a Google Chrome like tabbed interface. Foxit Reader is generally known for its slim and sleek design and small size as compared to Adobe Reader. …

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Monitor Shared Folders In Windows

Shared folders in Windows is a great way to share files and folders across the local network. If you have more than one computer at home or at office, you can easily share your files among the computers without doing any hard work. Windows makes it very easy to share folders. Windows provides a way …

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Opera 11 Review–Download + New Features

Last time I wrote about Opera was about Opera 10.5. Opera 10.5 portable was also available for download. Now Opera 11 final is out. It has been in beta for quite some time but now the final version has been released. Opera 11 comes out with quite a few new features that will certainly help in enhancing the overall browsing experience like the addition of Opera extensions and tab grouping being the most loved ones. Let’s look at some of the new features of new Opera 11:

Tab Stacking (Grouping)

opera tab grouping

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Internet Explorer 9: how to pin your site to the taskbar?

Pin web sites to task bar of Windows 7 by IE9, a new interesting feature of Microsoft’s browser. Internet Explorer 9 has a new interesting feature which should be good to know that allows you pin selected sites on the tasks bar of windows 7. It looks interesting in combination with the new task bar of Windows 7 Thanks to Microsoft we have an easy access to our favorites and can open them from the super bar instantly.

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Windows 7 on Fourth at Computer Market

Windows 7 has reached 25% market share of all operating systems in the world. Number of existing users of  Windows XP drops down by stat counters survey.

Windows 7 na co czwartym komputerze

Windows 7 could be called a miracle of Microsoft. The operating system is selling like hotcakes since the very beginning , when it made its debut on October 22 last year. Only after three months the market was at the tenth position in the world on the computer , then by time it just gone better.

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