Change System Language

Due to the worldwide usage of Microsoft products like windows  and office, microsoft has made available langauge packs for their products Microsoft Local Language Program is one.

Many languages (depending on the region selection ) are provided as a part of the program for these products

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Office 2003
  • Office 2007

To download a Microsoft Language Interface Packs (LIPs) and Captions Language Interface Packs (CLIPs). Open

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Get Tabs In Microsoft Office Applications

The optimization of the working space of Computer desktop has always been in business. Everybody wants to optimize the desktop space such that the productivity increases more and more. The browser was is going on for a while and tabbed browsers were the ones which made life easier for the people who open a lot of websites at the same time. The tabs open in the same window hence reducing the clutter in the taskbar.

But Microsoft Office applications have remained the same. For example if I want to open a new Word document, another instance of Word will be displayed in the taskbar. Microsoft Windows XP came up with taskbar grouping but that was not as good as tabbed windows.

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Change MS Word 2007 Defualt Saving Format from .Docx to .Doc

Microsoft has introduced new formats with Office 07 that created many problems for users of Office 2003 or earlier and OpenOffice Users (OpenOffice currently does not support Office 07 formats)

The only thing you can do to prevent this

Default Word Saving Format

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2007
  2. Click the “Office Button” (top left of your screen), then on the bottom of the list click “Word Options
  3. The “Word Options” window will open. Now click on “Save” in the left panel
  4. Change the top option (in the right panel) “save files in this format” from “Word Document (*.docx)” to “Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)
  5. Click “OK

New Context Menu Blank Doc Document

Next thing you want to change must be, the New Context Menu to create the Blank .doc document. So here is a reg file to do that.  [download id=”32″]

Eliminate the Docx Blank Document

After applying it you may be seeing two options for word document. You can eliminate the .docx blank document by applying this file

[download id=”34″]
New Context Menu

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Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Printing

In the previous lessons, we became familiar with the new interface of Microsoft Word 2007. We also learned how to create, open and save document and the options involved. Today we are going to discuss about printing. It’s really simple to configure printing options in Microsoft Word 2007. We can print an open document by going to office button –> Print. There are three options in Print Menu.


1- Print – If you select the first option, which is print, it will give you the print dialog where you can configure different options. We will see that in detail later.

2- Quick Print – If you select quick print, it will just use the default settings and will print the document directly. It will not ask you of any configuration settings. So if you have configured your printing settings, then you can easily print using Quick Print option as it will be faster.

3- Print Preview – Print preview will give you

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Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Saving Documents

In the previous lesson, we learned how to create new documents and open existing documents. In this lesson, we are going to have a look at the saving options of Microsoft Word 2007.

The New File Type docx:

The versions of Microsoft Word prior to version 2007 used the extension as .doc. Now in the new Microsoft Word, it has been changed to docx. Docx uses open xml specification to save the documents resulting in reduced size of the documents and making it easier for the developers.

Saving a document:

To save a document, go to office button –> Save.
If you want to save a copy of the document (which will not overwrite the existing document), you should select Save As option. If it is a new document, selecting Save will automatically open the Save As dialog so that you can specify the name of the document and the place where you want to store it.

The shortcut for saving a document is Ctrl – S.

The shortcut for Save As dialog is

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Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Creating and Opening documents

In the previous article, we got familiar with the layout and interface of Microsoft Word 2007. Today we will discuss about creating new documents and opening existing documents. It’s really simple but one should know about it :-).

The Office Button:

The Office Button is synonymous to what it used to be the File Menu in previous versions of Microsoft Word. So When we click the Office button, it will give us the options like opening new documents, saving the current documents, opening existing documents, printing etc.


Creating a new document:

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Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Getting Familiar With The New Layout

From now on, I’ll be writing hows and whats of Microsoft Office starting with Microsoft Word. I’ll start with the beginning and then we’ll proceed to higher levels until we are fluent in Microsoft Office. Please let me know if you have any questions or confusions. We’ll learn Microsoft Office together. So let’s start with the first lesson. Today we’ll only get familiar with the new interface of Microsoft Word. So here’s the picture of new Microsoft Word 2007.


I have already highlighted the components of new Microsoft Word 2007. We will discuss them in detail one by one.

The Office Button:

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Outlook Failed To Start Correctly Last Time..

One of my clients had a problem with his Microsoft Outlook 2003. Whenever he started Outlook, it gave the following warning message

Outlook failed to start correctly last time. Starting Outlook in safe mode will help you correct or isolate a startup problem in order to successfully start the program. Some functionality may be disabled in this mode. Do You want to start Outlook in safe mode?

No matter we click yes or no, the next time Outlook starts, it gives the same warning message. I found out the problem and writing the solution here for future references.

Why does this occur?

This problem usually occurs with Terminal services installed and running..

When Outlook starts, it creates the following key in registry..

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