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Forgetting is human’s nature. That’s why people use different things to remind themselves about the things they want to remember. In offices, sticky notes are very common nowadays. Sticky notes let you be productive. Now the paper version of sticky notes are being replaced with desktop softwares which can let you stick digital notes on […] Read more

Today when I opened www.google.com, it was different. Something had changed but I was not able to figure out what was the change I was feeling. Then at last, I got it. The Google favicon has been changed. It’s not looking nice as I was used to seeing that BIG G instead of the small […] Read more

Internet Explorer to me is a very delicate browser. There are some major improvements in IE 7 but the base remains the same. People find it very difficult when Internet Explorer crashes and all the data is lost. Sometimes, the Internet Explorer keeps on crashing. There are several reasons behind this but the most common […] Read more

Think beyond the browser PicLens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for enjoying photos and videos across the web. With one click, PicLens makes online media come to life via an immersive presentation that goes beyond the confines of the traditional browser. Why mundanely click through online photo galleries or squint at […] Read more

The biggest advantage of Microsoft Windows is that we can tweak it to any level through registry and make Windows work our way. And the biggest disadvantage of Microsoft Windows is the registry itself :-). Huh .. if the registry is corrupt, who will pay for it? .. because if the registry is corrupt, everything […] Read more

Xdrive an Online Backup Utility. The Utility first asks for Your account on xdrive.com. So make one you make one Xdrive Desktop and integrate Xdrive seamlessly with your computer – It will appear just like an extra hard drive! Drag and drop files and entire folders directly into your Xdrive account.   Pick the folders […] Read more

For a long time i was wondering, how to save firefox settings,bookmarks,themes and extensions as always there are chances of windows reluctant to boot up,hard disk failure etc etc. and all of your firefox hard work can be gone in a flash.A lot of my friends recommended me different applications but i myself figured out […] Read more

In the previous post, I mentioned about how to remove viruses from USB drives, Now I am discussing about the prevention of viruses while surfing the web. Many web site’s use some type of ActiveX (a browser plugin that can have access to system) Control to install malicious code. Although the ActiveX control is not […] Read more