Download Latest Yahoo Messenger 10 Full Offline Setup

After a long time I wanted to install Yahoo messenger because one of my contacts was only on Yahoo IM. The biggest problem I face when downloading Yahoo messenger and all other messengers is that I have to download their web installer first and then the web installer will download the real Yahoo messenger installer. …

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Easily Download Online Streaming Videos

I have already written about how to download embeded/streaming videos from the internet and how to speed up youtube and other streaming videos. Today I came across another utility for download online streaming videos like from YouTube, MySpace, DailyMotion, iFilm, Metacafe etc. It’s very easy and convenient to use.

Live Downloader is a very powerful downloader which supports all browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. Another good thing about Live downloader is that it automatically names the downloaded files and tags them appropriately. It does not use any naming convention.


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All In One Internet Suite

If you feel that you are not comfortable with so many apps open for your online needs like an email client for keeping a look at your email, a web browser for browsing the internet, a chat program to communicate with your friends and family, a feed reader to subscribe to and keep yourself up to date on the internet etc then Mozilla has the answer for you.

Mozilla SeaMonkey is an All in One internet suite with all the functionality which one needs to stay online. Let’s take a look at the features of SeaMonkey.


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Two Ways To Speed Up Firefox

Although even now Technize stats show that people access Technize more through Internet Explorer but Firefox is the best browser choice for most of the people out there. Smart People use Firefox as their default browser. This is because it has so many qualities and it has got unlimited extensions that can extend the capabilities of Firefox according to the linking of the user.

One bad habit of Firefox is that it slows down itself with the passage of time. To me, there are two main reasons that slow down Firefox. One is that if you visit a lot of sites frequently every day, its history files get too big over time and it takes a lot of time to even load. The second reason is that the user profile that you’re using gets fragmented which slows down Firefox a lot.

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