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As we all know that Firefox is a memory hog. It takes a huge amount of memory. If you run Firefox for a day or two without closing it, it will take huge amounts of memory in order to run and the system becomes slow overall. This problem has existed from the beginning. Since Firefox […] Read more

Google Voice is a telecommunication service from Google. It offers a lot of features. You need to sign up with Google Voice in order to use the services. After signing up, you can have one Google number which can be associated with multiple numbers like Work, Home, Mobile etc. Now you can configure if anyone […] Read more

While Google Chrome 10 Stable has been released, Google Chrome 11 is still in beta and can be download from Google Chrome 11.0.686.1 Beta. A lot of code cleanup and refactorings have been done in addition to many crash and regression fixes. The new features in Google Chrome 12 will include multiple tab select meaning […] Read more

Google Chrome browser has recently been updated to Google Chrome 11.0.686.1 Beta. Previously I wrote about Chrome 10.0.612.3 Beta which has now been updated to 11.0.686.1. Google is updating its browser very fast and it is gaining popularity among the internet users. In my observation, about 20% of the visitors of Technize.com are using Google […] Read more

Google Chrome 9 Final has been released. I have been following the development of Google Chrome and gave the downloads of Chrome 8 final, Chrome 9 beta and Chrome 10 beta. Google is working on Chrome aggressively and has released the final version of Chrome 9. The prominent features of Google Chrome 9 include the […] Read more

I have recently given the download of Google Chrome 9.0.597.10 Beta. I never knew that Google Chrome team will release the next version so quickly. The new released version of Google Chrome browser is 10.0.612.3 Beta. Both the versions 9 and 10 are in beta so both of them can’t be used for production but […] Read more

If you are using Yahoo Messenger then you would be quite familiar with the advertisements at the end of the messenger which take quite a lot of space. I’m never comfortable with the ads displayed on Yahoo Messenger. If don’t have Yahoo Messenger then you can download Yahoo Messenger 10 full setup or you can […] Read more

Be aware, this is not Google Chrome web browser, it’s the new Google Operating System, Chrome OS. Google has been working on their own Operating System for quite a while and finally the Release Candidate of the OS is out and is available for download. It was announced in Google Event where the Chrome OS […] Read more

I have recently given the download of the latest final build of Google Chrome 8.0.552.215. Google has just released the new beta version of Google Chrome. The version number of Google Chrome Beta is 9.0.597.10. The change log includes primary stability fixes and minor UI tweaks. Known issues with the beta version of Google Chrome […] Read more

If you have got the Yahoo chat archive and are unable to open it then Simple Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder is the right software for you which can decode any Yahoo Messenger Chat archive. If you are using Yahoo Messenger, you must login to your account in order to see your conversations. If you want […] Read more