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Internet Services

If you use Facebook frequently then you must have seen someone you don’t know becoming your friend and tagging you in every image he uploaded. This is the new type of spam that has been seen on Facebook. Complex systems like Facebook are very easy to be compromised as the company tries to make the […] Read more

If you want to send someone a video message but you want the video deleted instantly after the person has viewed the video, mailVU has the right set of tools for you. mailVU provides the ability to record a video email and send it to anyone but with some restrictions. The videos can be recorded […] Read more

Facebook has released the much awaited email service like Google’s Gmail called Social Inbox. It’s integrated with the Facebook itself. So in order to check your email, you need to login to your Facebook account. Facebook’s email service is not an exact email service as the messages don’t contain any subject, CC or BCC etc. […] Read more

Using social applications puts user privacy at risk. Privacy is of major concern to internet users because of the ubiquitous hacker stories and information that people have, unbeknownst to them, given to companies for marketing use. Recently, sites like Facebook and Twitter have taken privacy into account when developing and adding new applications or programs […] Read more

Temporary or Disposable Email Services is basically a virtual email service online that you can use on temporary basis and you can dispose it off after use. Temporary or disposable email service is proved to be quite handy when it comes to securing your personal email address from spam bots. Spam emails are one of […] Read more

Microsoft has recently released Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta. this version of Windows Live Essentials include the following programs: Windows Live Family Safety Windows Live Mail Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Movie Maker Windows Live Photo Gallery Windows Live Sync Bing Bar Windows Live Writer Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Pack Messenger Companion Microsoft Silverlight […] Read more

Microsoft has released its next version of Office 2010, and Web Apps to the public. Office Web Apps was released to the public via Windows Live Office on June 7, 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 was released to public on 15 June 2010. As the Web Apps site states Whether you’re in the office, at […] Read more

Had enough of Facebook? and want to delete your facebook account from facebook servers on permanent basis, knowing that all your facebook data including pictures, videos, movies, links, freinds and messages etc will also be deleted after permanently deleting your facebook account, than all you need to do is to follow the simple instructions below […] Read more