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Internet Services

Rapidshare is one of the most popular file sharing sites on the internet. While it has many benefits, it has limitations like wait time etc. for free users. Lots of other sites exist which can be good alternatives to Rapidshare. Min.us is a new comer in the field of file sharing on the Internet. Min.us […] Read more

It’s always good to know who unfriended you on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t tell us who unfriended you and when. There are third party services which do the job of monitoring Facebook friends and may notify you when anyone unfriends you on Facebook or even Twitter. Unfriend Finder The first tool that I’m going to talk […] Read more

Facebook has become such a big thing in our lives that we can’t even think of getting in contact with our friends and relatives without Facebook. Facebook is our choice of communication. One feature that Facebook has introduced is Facebook Like button. You can Like any page, product or website which has a Like button […] Read more

Google Voice is a telecommunication service from Google. It offers a lot of features. You need to sign up with Google Voice in order to use the services. After signing up, you can have one Google number which can be associated with multiple numbers like Work, Home, Mobile etc. Now you can configure if anyone […] Read more

Boomerang is a Firefox/Google Chrome plugin which adds the functionality of scheduling emails in Gmail. If you are using Gmail and want to schedule emails for later, Boomerang plugin is the solution for you. Boomerang for Gmail can be downloaded for Firefox and Chrome. Boomerang is not only used for scheduling emails for sending later […] Read more

There are many softwares which can help you schedule status updates on Facebook and Twitter but here I’ll talk about 3 online services which can help you schedule updates on Facebook and Twitter without installing anything on your computer. This is especially helpful when you’re on a public computer and are not allowed to download […] Read more

In the past few days a large number of links were posted on Twitter in the form of shortend URLs, mostly from the Google’s shortening service goo.gl. The text contained words like “cool, “very nice” and Google’s search page has done it again”. When clicked on the link, it took the user to malicious site […] Read more

If you are a frequent user of Facebook and don’t like to open Facebook every now and then for checking the updates, you will need some sort of desktop client for Facebook in order to get all the updates on your desktop. There’s a desktop client provided by Facebook but it’s not all that good. […] Read more

Last time I wrote about Facebook image tag spam which is rather more annoying than dangerous. But now it’s the Gmail accounts that are getting compromised with Gmail filter virus. So what is Gmail filter virus? Let’s talk about it in a little detail. Picture courtsy: pcmag.com If you are a power user of Gmail, […] Read more

Google has been working on their Cloud Print protocol and finally Google Cloud Print is available for everyone. Google Cloud Print allows anyone to attach a printer in one location and then print documents from anywhere without any hassles of installing the printer drivers. Currently Google Cloud Print requires Google Chrome browser to be installed. […] Read more