The Complete Portable Web Server For Windows

XAMPP is an integrated server package of Apache, mySQL, PHP and Perl (the AMPP in XAMPP) that all run from a removable drive. Everything is pre-configured and ready to go just by unzipping or installing it

Menu Integration: XAMPP isn’t in Format, but it easily integrates with the Suite by using the XAMPP Launcher 1.3 and installing XAMPP in the root directory of your portable device (as recommended). You can open the self-extracting archive with 7-Zip Portable or download the larger ZIP archive.


XAMPP is a complete web, database and FTP server package for Windows that’s ready to go in minutes and completely portable. The full XAMPP package includes:

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP + PEAR
  • MiniPerl
  • OpenSSL
  • phpMyAdmin
  • XAMPP Control Panel
  • Webalizer
  • Mercury Mail Transport System
  • FileZilla FTP Server
  • SQLite
  • Zend Optimizer
  • XAMPP Security

XAMPP Lite leaves off the additional packages and sticks to Apache, mySQL, phpMyAdmin, SQLite and related packages resulting in an installation that’s significantly smaller. There are no upgrade packages for XAMPP Lite like there are for XAMPP, though.

Add-Ons: You can also add in Perl or Tomcat with the XAMPP Add-Ons.

Download XAMPP

Download XAMPP Lite