Share your files with your friends using

Easily Access and Share files Anywhere

Share Files of All sizes Collaborate with anyone Access files from any Computer Now it is much easy to share files with your friends. You upload the file to and give Web link to them so that they can download the file. Using you will have free space of 1 GB.

I will show you now how to use See the figures and instructions to proceed.

1.Open up, If you have not signed up. Click on the Try Free button.


2. Enter your Login Information.

box (1)

3. When you have registered use your login information to login. Click on the My Files Tab

box (2)

4. Do as illustrated.

box (3)

5. Upload your file now by clicking on Add files button

box (4)

6. After adding click Upload.

box (6)

7. Now uploading process will take place. This may take time depeding on your internet connection.

box (7)

8. When the file is uploaded you will see the file. Right Click on the file and select Get Web Link

box (8)

9. Do step 8 Again. you will see now a dialogue which will show you the link for downloading the file. Copy the link and and send it to your friend or save it for your own access.

box (9)

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  1. Yes esnips are good but we can’t save files with some specific extensions. For example, the all important .exe files.

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